How to fly to Georgia?

There are 2 airlines flying from Poland to Georgia:

1. Wizzair: from Warsaw, Katowice, Wrocław, Krakow, Gdańsk, Poznań (during the summer season) to Kutaisi. www.wizzair.com 

2. LOT airline - from Warsaw to Tbilisi. www.lot.com

What document is needed for a trip to Georgia?

You can fly to Georgia with an identity card or passport.

What is the currency in Georgia?

In Georgia, the Georgian Lari (GEL) is obligatory. On site, you can exchange EURO or DOLLARS at exchange offices. Local currency can also be withdrawn from an ATM. 

Current exchange rate 1 lari = 1.56 zlotys (exchange rate as at 20.07.2023). At the bottom of the page you will find a currency converter that works on the basis of https://currencyrate.today/

What medicines can you take with you?

Basic medicines can be bought without any problem on the spot in Georgia. A special certificate is needed to transport some medicines from Poland. More information can be found at https://www.incb.org/documents/Travellers/files/GEO_ENG_2014.pdf.

What is the internet issue?

Internet: Wi-Fi is available in every hotel and most restaurants. You can also purchase a local SIM card with internet (approx. 20 GEL)

What clothes to take with you?

Clothing depends on the nature of the chosen expedition. You will find precise information in the description of the individual expeditions.

Do I need to know English or Russian?

No need, our team speaks Polish.

I don't know which expedition to go on, which will be best for me?

If you are unable to decide which trip is best for you, feel free to call us (preferably via whatsapp) tel. +995 593 54 85 07

Why are there no tour prices listed on the website?

 On our website you will find proposals for our original expeditions, their description, characteristics, basic information, photos. We discuss the details of the trip with you individually, therefore we do not give one specific price.

Where can I find a day-by-day description of the expedition?

On our website you will find proposals for our own expeditions, their description, characteristics, basic information and photographs. We discuss the details of the trip with you individually, so you will not find rigid plans here.