Summer in Georgia - Upper Adjara and the Black Sea

Jeep tour to Zekari Pass - Goderdzi Pass - picturesque mountains in Adjaria on the border with Turkey - relaxation by the Black Sea

8 days /7 nights

20 max


Summer in Georgia - Upper Adjara and the Black Sea

An exciting jeep tour awaits you through the Zekari Pass in the Imereti region, in the middle of the Lesser and Greater Caucasus, and through the Goderdzi Pass in the Adjara region, leading to mountain villages on the border with Turkey.

We will take you to places away from mass tourism. We have been professionally organising expeditions, including off-road trips, for 15 years. We know the routes perfectly. We have tested them many times.

During our jeep tour to Zekari Pass We will drive through a winding valley, covering kilometres as we ascend to higher and higher altitudes. Along the way, we will observe how fascinatingly the flora changes. The greenery will slowly appear before our eyes. alpine meadows will slowly appear before our eyesand this is a sign that we are already close to our destination! Zekari will mesmerise you with its beauty and you will get rid of any doubts as to why it is called a "the door to heaven"!

We will be staying at a unique place that we created together with local shepherds. We are of course talking about our camping base #ZekariWindow! We will prepare a Georgian style picnic on site! ZekariWindow is located by the rocks Kvasakdari, high
2300 m. These areas are also often referred to as "
Imeretin Tushetia" due to its nature. However, they are much less well known than Tushetia itself!

Widok na most królowej Tamar

Medieval Queen Tamar stone bridge

You will experience closeness with enchanting wild nature. You will learn about the life of Imeretin shepherds, taste their local dairy products, including Imeretin cheese and sulguni. The pass is dominated by Didmaghali peak reaching up to 2580 m above sea level. In the summer season Zekari is full of rhododendrons blooming in many colors. We will continue our journey towards the Javakheti region. The landscape will change from luscious greenery to vast rugged volcanic landscapes.

Pass Goderdzi will lead us through scenic wilderness starting with tarmac roads, through gravel tracks. We will make a stop over the Green Lake. Along the way, driving higher and higher, we will be shown unique pastoral villages with amazing architecture of wooden huts. We will stop for the night at a family guesthouse in one of the villages. The next day we will continue our journey to Upper Adjaria to the border with Turkey. We will arrive here passing the medieval stone bridges of Queen Tamar. The road will lead us through the green adjar mountains. We will drive along a picturesque valley, through a winding gravel road, and many sections of this route will raise our adrenaline levels!

 We will show you the magic of Upper Adjaria We will show you from the stunning nature, but also through its folklore, ethnography, unique architecture and cuisine. We will live in a traditional wooden house. We will taste dishes that we will not eat anywhere else - kaimaghi, malakhi, jakhni, or sinori. You will be able to prepare them together with our hosts. These wonderful people who live in these borderlands will open their hearts and the doors of their homes to us.

We will reach wild bumpy trails leading to the high mountain shepherd village at the Black Lake - Sarichairi and to the beginning of the hiking trail to the Khikhani Castle. The roads are interspersed with mountain streams and we will overcome considerable hills accessible only by a perfectly prepared off-road vehicle. At the end of the jeep tour, a well-deserved few days of relaxation awaits us at the the beaches of the Black Sea!

Zdjęcie przedstawiające pasterską wioskę w górach

The unique architecture of Upper Adjaria


  • We welcome groups of 4 to 20 people. 
  • Expedition date from 1.07 – 30.09.2022 r.
  • Due to the nature of the route, we only carry out the programme in off-road vehicles or Kavzuka buses.
  • If you are vegetarian or have other dietary restrictions we should be aware of - let me know beforehand. That way, meals will be our pleasure together.

Price includes:

  • Food (breakfast, dinner).
  • Accommodation in family-run guesthouses and reliable hotels
  • Jeep tour.
  • Supervised by a certified guide.
  • Service of a professional driver.
  • Off-road vehicle.
  • Fuel for the whole route.

Price not included:

  • Insurance. We encourage you to buy in Poland.
  • Personal expenses.
  • Flight tickets.

If you are interested in this expedition write to us and book your individualy tour dates!

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