HORN ADJARA - Regional cuisine
At Upper Adjari you will taste freshly baked bread straight from the oven. Homemade cream, which is so filling and tasty that you will find it hard to go back to eating the one from the shop. The distinctive chlechili cheese made in the form of a braid, perfect for a snack while trekking.
Characteristic dishes Upper Adjaria These include kaimaghi, malakhi, jakhni, sinori, borano, aczma, chirbuli, tawmakarena. A popular fish is trout, often reared in homemade trout farms using fresh mountain water. Adjarian dishes often contain a lot of home-made butter. They may seem heavy, but they work perfectly in the mountains. There is also no shortage of vegetarian and vegan dishes. There is a cuisine for everyone. Children often work up an appetite here. Smokers don't want to smoke and digestive problems are often forgiven. Here, you drink teas made from herbs collected from the local forests and meadows, the characteristic Turkish coffee, sweet compotes and water from the mountain spring.
There's no shortage of sweets here, starting with natural honey, raspberry jam (with cream it's cosmic!) to the local baklava with nuts and burnt butter, and the iconic 'broken cake' tawmakarena!


Upper Adjara is still uncrowded trekking trails. We wish to maintain this by taking only intimate groups there. It is not a place for mass tourism. We hope that the other activists in tourism will also preserve this without spoiling what is beautiful and natural.
We will take you on the trail:
1. to the ruins of Khikhani Castle
2. to the Black Lake at the very border with Turkey
3. to the picturesque Shuamta Lake
These are places close to the border with Turkey or in the border area. We will arrange permission to enter the zone with the border guards (you will need an identity card or passport. You will definitely have one of these with you ). The trails in the Upper Adjari lead through alpine glades, ethnographic pastoral villages that are only lively in summer, or forests full of rhododendrons that bloom at the end of June. While you will rarely encounter tourists on the trails, it is worth taking advantage of this.

UPPER ADJARA - Picturesque mountain villages

We have prepared a handful of interesting facts about Adjar villages and their wooden houses. Read
Houses often keep the first floor for the animals for the winter. Their heat warms the dwelling above. The houses are built on a hill. Fertiliser from the animals flows right down to the gardens behind them. This makes the soil very fertile and the crops plentiful. Which is very important with the short summer season. The abandoned pastoral villages look particularly mystical after the season. They are specially protected against snow for the winter, of which there is often 5 metres here! Large wooden planks are nailed to the outer walls of the houses to strengthen the structure. The houses also have a special roof construction that allows the snow layer to slide off.
On the verandas of Adjar houses, herbs for tea, maize or the snuff for which Upper Adjara is famous dry. Adjar houses have small windows from which views of the surrounding mountains shyly open up. The houses have a special hole in the ground inside, which serves as an extra refrigerator. It stores supplies for the winter.
The meeting place for the householders is the kitchen, where there is always fresh Turkish coffee and herbal tea on the large wood-burning cooker. Bread is baked here for all the villagers in a special oven that is located outside the house, usually in the centre of the village. In the villages you will also see mosques built of wood. The most beautiful one is located in a pastoral village on the way to the Black Lake.
It is still possible to find houses built without the use of a single nail. A reference to the tradition of house building in Upper Adjari is the wooden theatre in Batumi.
We live in such living ethnographic houses and live with our hosts during our trips to Upper Adjari. This gives a unique atmosphere and authenticity to our journey.

Welcome to the magical Upper Adjari, where we organise 3-5 day expeditions in a sustainable way in collaboration with the locals. Feel the atmosphere of the Adjari villages with us together during our expedition:

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Discover Georgia with #ToursByKote

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