Our unique project - the Kavzuka Retro Bus!

Groups of up to 15 people are welcome

Do you know what Kavzuka has in common with Racha?
While working on developing tourism in Racha, we came up with the idea that an old retro bus would be a perfect fit for this wonderful region, which we would use to travel the local roads. It would be perfect for exploring the area in an atmospheric style.
Over the next few days the idea matured, until we started looking through the classifieds. We had two models in mind: GAZ 66 and KAVZ 685. I got the information that someone was selling the Kavz and the same day Ika and I went to Tbilisi. When we looked in the hall, I saw a sparkle in Irakli's eyes. And we came into possession of Kavza 685!

Widok na góry i bus Kavzuka na Zekariwindow

Kavzuka bus on its way to ZekariWindow

Widok na bus Kavzuka wraz z kierowcami na tle gór

Kavzuka bus during the trip Svanetii Loop

We found out that the bus belonged to a rugby team. 

The same day we arrived in Kutaisi on it and the renovation began.

Mengrel doctors Mamuka and Gogita rolled up their sleeves and got down to work.
 The heart of the whole bus, called "Tamada 8 cylinders" unfortunately had to be dismantled. The patient chosen for the transplant was a police Mercedes Vario 4.0 diesel, an old model, the so-called green one, without a turbine. The best!
 It was like breathing new life into our baby!

After some extreme tests the bus got an inspection, all papers and the name - Kavzuka. 
From the brand of the bus: Kavz, and the ending -ka from the love for the region in the central Caucasus - Rachy.
 Rachy people add the ending -ka to everything they love.

Then we did the renovation our own way for a few more days and started learning how to operate the Kavzuka. And she started learning our routes. 
Right after the renovation, Kavzuka performed as a wedding bus at our friend's house. And she passed the test with a 5+.

Enjoy our tours with our retro bus Kavzuka! This is a legendary reto bus and an irreplaceable team. Kote in the role of guide, and at the helm of Kavzuka the best driver - Ika. Kote's extraordinary original programmes, routes repeatedly tested by the guys.

You are in for unforgettable adventures, unique places, extraordinary stories, experiences that will stay with you for a very long time! Our retro bus replaces 3-4 off-road vehicles. It will get you where ordinary buses cannot go. With Kavzuka we have set a Georgia record for a bus trip to the altitude of 3173 metres above sea level on Tetnuldi in Svaneti!

If you're dreaming of an unforgettable retro trip on a Kavzuka bus, write to us to book your turn!

Snapshots from our trips with the Kavzuka bus: