1 - day horseback excursion from Kutaisi to Mount Askhi - Kulbaki Horse Trails

1 day

2-8 persons

10/06 to 10/10

150 euros

1 day

2-8 persons

10/06 to 10/10

150 euros

Welcome to a new destination for horse trails in Georgia!


You have the opportunity to be among the first riders at the junction of the three regions: Samegrelo (Megrelia), Lechkhumi and Imereti!

We have created something that has never been done before! A 1-day horseback tour during which you will see everything you could wish to discover from horseback in Georgia! There will be gallops on subalpine glades at more than 2000 metres altitude, fabulous mountain landscapes, Georgian hospitality and brave megrel horses.

It is out of a passion for horses that this expedition was born. Our horses are very well ridden, well cared for
and they excel on mountain trails. Megrelia is the region with the longest horse tradition in Georgia
and a great affection for these unique animals.

75 km and 1.5-2 hours from Kutaisi at Green Lake we start our horseback rally. We take off from an altitude of 1,000 metres. Our main objective is Top Askhiwhich measures as much as 2200-2500m! The mountain has a very interesting shape. It forms a plateau that is as much as 15 km long! It is a limestone massif that 125 million years ago was bottom seas! Looking at it from above, it looks like the surface of Mars, in the shape of a fish. It is on the plateau that the following await us gallops Above the clouds!

We will get to the plateau via a pleasant route through a fairytale Kolkhida forest, full of chestnut, hornbeam and oak trees. We will cover about 1,200 metres of elevation gain. The trail has been specially cleared and widened to ensure the comfort and safety of our mounts.

We round off our horseback tour with delicious regional flavours! Halfway through the rally you will have a picnic and, during the summer, when the shepherds will be with their herds of cattle in the subalpine glades, a tasting of natural sulguni cheese with one of the shepherds! You will taste sulguni at the source!

On the way back, there will be a swim in a hidden waterfall. After the end of the rally, there will be time to rest at the Green Lake, where there is a trout farm and a restaurant. There you will eat regional dishes and the most delicious trout. Later in the evening we will return to Kutaisi.


See on the map where we will be travelling ⬇️

Tour programme:

  • We take off from Kutaisi at 7.00 a.m. It takes about 1.5 - 2 hours to get to our base in Kulbaki. You can arrive on your own or book a transfer with us.

  • At 9am we meet at Kulbaki.

  • The guide will select a horse for you.

  • By 10 a.m. we set out on the trail.

  • After about three hours, a break for a picnic and a stopover.

  • Gallops on the plateau of Mount Askhi.

  • A visit to a shepherd, tasting cheese and milk products. This is an optional extra available only seasonally.
  • Return to base.
  • Bathing in a waterfall.

  • Base - time to unsaddle horses, change clothes.

  • In Kulbaki you can have dinner at the Green Lake Restaurant. It is right next to our base.

  • Return to Kutaisi or you can stay the night and extend your stay with us, but only by prior reservation.


Zdjęcie przedstawiające Turcję - Tao Klarjeti
Zdjęcie przedstawiające Turcję - Tao Klarjeti


Zdjęcie przedstawiające Turcję - Tao Klarjeti
Zdjęcie przedstawiające Turcję - Tao Klarjeti


  • 150 Euro per person

The price includes:

  • Programme and organisation of the tour.
  • Supervision by a local, certified horse guide
  • Assistance of a Polish-speaking pilot
  • A horse with a whole row (saddle, bridle)
  • Picnic in the mountains at an altitude of 2,000 metres.

Price not included:

  • Insurance
  • Dinner at the end of the day

The following are invited to the rally:

  • Ddeclared riders who have mastered off-road riding.
  • Weight: max 90 kg


  • A toilet and changing area are available at the base.
  • If you follow a special diet let us know in advance.

In addition, you can book:

  • Tasting of regional sulguni cheese at a local shepherd's home ( in the July-August season).
  • Transfer from Kutaisi to Kulbaka and back You can arrive in Kulbaka on the same day as the tour. You just need to leave Kutaisi at 7 a.m. The transfer costs €100-150 per car, depending on the size of the group.
  • By prior arrangement with us, it is possible to arrive in Kulbaka the day before the tour and stay overnight in a comfortable wooden cottage or in tents.
  • If you would like to go on 2 of our horseback tours from Kulbaka the day after, let us know right away. We do not extend your stay on site. An advance booking is required, which will give us time to prepare accordingly.
  • Enjoy a 2-day horseback expedition to the Big and Little Tobavarchkhili Lakes in the Gvira mountain ridge: https://toursbykote.com/ekspedycje-konne/4-dniowa-konna-ekspedycja-do-jezior/
Call to book a tour.  Whatsapp: +995 593 54 85 07, +48 505 236 650

The tour must be booked at least 5 days in advance. We do not accept bookings on site.


More snapshots from the trail: