4-day horseback expedition to the Big and Little Tobavarchkhili Lakes in the Gvira mountain ridge above Lebarde Spa

4 days - 3 days in the saddle

4-8 persons

20/07 to 10/10


4 days - 3 days in the saddle

20/07 to 10/10

4-8 persons

4-day horseback expedition to the Big and Little Tobavarchkhili Lakes in the Gvira mountain ridge above Lebarde Spa

Georgia is one of the oldest countries in Europe. It has a long history, inextricably linked to horses. Thanks to their brave and courageous horses, Georgians were able to defend their homeland.

Horses in Georgia are held in high esteem and have been an integral part of the country's culture for thousands of years. In the museums you can find numerous artefacts related to these animals, such as mane bells, harnesses, women's saddles, men's saddles and bridles from the 5th century BC! 

Georgia explored from the perspective of horseback is something special! Enjoy an unforgettable horseback expedition in the Central Caucasus mountains, at the crossroads of the three regions of Lechkhumi, Imereti, Megrelia, to the majestic Mount Askhi, the Lebarde Lakes at an altitude of 2600-2800 metres and the unique Sulguni cheese trail in the Megrelia region.

You will learn about the unique regional cuisine, pastoral traditions and customs that have been handed down for generations! We will take you to places you can only reach on horseback or on foot!

Imagine galloping, not on a crowded manege, but on subalpine glades, more than 2,000 metres above sea level! Get ready for 3 unforgettable days spent in the saddle.

Zdjęcie przedstawiające konie w wysokich górach

Megrel horses

Explore Georgia's unspoilt countryside, where we have been preparing horse trails for you for the past seven years.
There are 3 Georgian horse breeds Tushetinskaya, Megrelskaya and Javakheti. We will ride the exceptionally brave Megrel steeds, which are descendants of Kolkhida mounts.
The stamina, agility and strength of the Megrel horses made them ideal for transport, agriculture and battle. They are horses of medium height with a slender build and strong legs. They are mainly found in chestnut and bay coats.
Nowhere else will you meet these brave horses like in the Megrelia region. You will see how they still bravely help the shepherds in transporting cheese from the mountains and in their daily work with their herds of cattle.

 We set off from our base in the village of Kulbaki, a complex situated picturesquely on the Green Lake at an altitude of 1,000m. One of the best trout farms is located there, which you will taste during the evening feast.

We will arrive at the intersection of the 3 regions of Lechkhumi, Imereti and Megrelia (Samegrelo). Our main destination will be the Big and Small Tobavarchkhili Lakes in the Gvira mountain ridge above Lebarde Spa. We will traverse mountain pastoral trails accessible only during the summer season.

We will spend 2 nights in tents by the lakes at an altitude of 2300-2400 metres. This is a real horse expedition. We take all the necessary things with us. No car reaches the camp site. Swimming in a crystal-clear lake, a view of the starry sky, the peace and quiet that only the mountains can give, await.

Zdjęcie przedstawiające Turcję - Tao Klarjeti

One of the lakes and the campsite next to it

Zdjęcie przedstawiające Turcję - Tao Klarjeti

Konstantine Nachqebia


Safety on the expedition will be taken care of by the expedition author is Konstantine Nachqebia, our team together with Kulbaki Horse Trails.

Our team is made up of certified equine guides who have undergone specialised 2-year training and brave, well ridden, well cared for horses.

Don't wait and sign up today for an unusual and hitherto unknown horseback expedition in the Caucasus mountains!

In addition, you can book:

  • Transfer from Kutaisi to Kulbaka and back You can arrive in Kulbaka on the same day as the tour. You just need to leave Kutaisi at 7 a.m. The transfer costs €100-150 per car, depending on the size of the group.
  • By prior arrangement with us, it is possible to arrive in Kulbaka the day before the tour and stay overnight in a comfortable wooden cottage or in tents.
  • If you would like to go on 2 of our horseback tours from Kulbaka the day after, let us know right away. We do not extend your stay on site. An advance booking is required, which will give us time to prepare accordingly.
  • Join us for a 1-day horseback expedition to Mount Askhi: https://toursbykote.com/ekspedycje-konne/1-dniowa-konna-wycieczka-z-kutaisi/

Requirements for the rally:

  • Skills: walk, trot, gallop in the mountians .
  • Weight: max 90 kg
  • NThe tours are only for experienced riders


  • We determine the order of the route according to the weather.
  • If you are following a special diet let us know in advance
  • Bring your own raincoat and protective helmet. Riding without a helmet only at your own risk.
Call to book a tour.  Whatsapp: +995 593 54 85 07, +48 505 236 650

The tour must be booked at least one week in advance. We do not make bookings on site.

More snapshots from the trail: