Zdjęcie przedstawiajace przewodnika Kote na tle wodospadu
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Let's get to know each other - a few words about us

Let's start with who Kote is, or rather Konstantine Nachqebia. You can find him in the photos above. Kote is a certified guide for Georgia, expedition author, founder of the company #Toursbykote and activist who has been promoting and with commitment for years DEVELOPS the entire tourism sector in Georgia. He is the author of many non-commercial projects, owner of Pro motion Georgia, regional portals and news sites. 

Company #Toursbykote it's PROFESSIONAL the tourism company was founded with fancies to showcase our homeland -  Georgia. The team #Toursbykote  is created and built by enthusiasts. Since 15 YEARS we organise expeditions of all kinds and events in all nooks and crannies Georgia. Our company is registered with the Register of Entrepreneurs in Georgia under number: 412747522. We have all the required entitlements to conduct business and we bill for services rendered. We speak the languages: English, Polish, German, Russian and, of course, Georgian.

Throughout Georgia we have LOCAL PARTNERS with whom we have been working for many years, which has also resulted in the fact that in every corner of Georgia They welcome us with a smile and open arms. For our company The whole of Georgia, every inhabitant of it, is one big family. We are committed to developing tourism in a sustainable way, respecting the local CULTURE, unique ethnography and nature.

We want to show you the amazing places in Georgia, to introduce you to its culture and history, which is one of the oldest in the whole world!

Our expeditions are organised individually. You can find the dates of trips for which you can sign up individually at calendar

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Our drivers:

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Zdjęcie przedstawiające mężczyznę obok samochodu


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Discover the meaning of our logo!

We do not offer clichéd trips, we tailor all programmes to your individual needs!

We share our love for Georgia and our expert knowledge of this phenomenal country. We show the real culture, traditions i customs! With us you will experience what is authentic in Georgia. We focus on contact with local people, customs and regional cuisine.

We care about your security i comfort! You won't experience boredom with us, but fun and a bit of madness!

Be our guests and stay with us!

You are welcome!

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Zdjęcie przedstawiajace przewodnika Kote na tle wodospadu

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