2-day jeep tour to the village of Ushguli

glacier located at the foot of Georgia's highest mountain Shkhara 5193 m and Zagaro Pass at 2800 m

2 days

4-20 persons


100 euros per person

2 days

4-20 persons


100 euros per person

2-day jeep tour to the village of Ushguli, a glacier at the foot of Georgia's highest mountain Shkhara 5193m
and Zagaro Pass.


Join us for a unique trip to the heart of the High Caucasus! We will take you to the magical village of Ushguli located at the foot of Georgia's highest peak Shkhara 5193m.

We will reach there by a malovich road through the villages of Tsageri, Lentekhi, Tsana, Mele. We will take more twists and turns up the mountain until we reach the highest point of our route Zagaro Pass 2800m. We will be surrounded by fabulous views of the Caucasian peaks.

The village of Ushguli is the highest village in Europe and is inhabited all year round, even in very harsh winters. It is a unique place with a tremendous history, old traditions and a distinctive architecture of defensive stone towers that are up to 1,000 years old.

Svaneti is also a regional cuisine worth tasting! Many interesting activities await you in Ushguli - trekking, horse riding or jeep tours.

Join us for an expedition!

Groups of 4-6 people can be accommodated in a Mitsubishi Delica off-road vehicle, and groups of 7 or more can make the trip in our retro-bus. #Kavzuka!

Widok na góry Kaukaz

Ushguli village

Widok na góry Kaukaz

Views from the route

Day I

  • Take-off from Kutaisi at 8:00 a.m.
  • Route from Kutaisi through the Lechkhumi region. A break at the waterfalls.
  • Off-road road from Lentekhi through Tsana village, Zagaro Pass, stop at the Church of the 12 Apostles at 2800m, Ushguli.
  • Jeep tour from Ushguli to the bar in front of the glacier of Mount Shkhara (5193m). Trekking (about 1km up to the glacier itself).
  •  Return to Ushguli.

    *We can help you book accommodation in a guesthouse or under a tent

Day II
  • Free time in Ushguli until 14.00
    Activity proposals:
    • Walk through the village, between the fortified towers, to the summer and winter residence of Queen Tamar
    • Visit to the Lamaria monastery and museum
    • In addition, we can help organise:
      • Horseback excursion of several hours
      • Trekking
  • We set off back to Kutaisi from Ushguli at 2 p.m. We will return via the same route via the Zagro Pass and Lentekhi.
  • We will be in Kutaisi late in the evening.
Zdjęcie przedstawiające ludzi w górach



  • Groups of 4 or more - 100 euros per person


The price includes:

  • Programme and organisation of the tour.
  • Ride with a professional driver.
  • Fuel for the whole route.
  • Off-road vehicle lub bus #Kavzuka
  • Supervision by a pilot/guide in Polish.

    Price not included:

    • Food and beverage
    • Accommodation in Ushguli and Kutaisi - we assist with accommodation.
    • Additional attractions


    • The tour begins and ends in Kutaisi.
    • Groups of 4-6 people will be taken by Mitsubishi Delica off-road vehicles.

    • For groups of 7 or more people, the trip can be organised with our retro-bus #Kavzuka!

    • If you have not yet booked your accommodation in Kutaisi, you are cordially invited to our legendary Hostel Kutaisi by Kote. We will host you to a delicious dinner with regional dishes and natural bio wine. We will also organise transfers to and from the airport.
    • You can combine our packages to create a longer trip!

    If you are interested in this tour write to us and book your individual deadline!

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