1-day excursion to Batumi


1 day

4-18 persons


EUR 50 per person

1 day

4-18 persons


EUR 50 per person

1-day excursion to Batumi

The city's unique architecture, unusual fauna and flora:

  •  Start from Kutaisi at 8/9:00 am.
  • Dendrological Park, Petra Castle or Botanical Garden
  • Fish market for the willing/hungry 😉
  • Batumi city centre (walk around the city, free time until 18:00)
  • Return to Kutaisi around 9 p.m.

On the way to the city center we will visit to choose:

Dendrological Park,

Dendrological Park, opened in 2020. It is located in front of the village of Ureki. In the garden of 60 hectares you can see thousands of species of exotic flora and fauna, including flamingos, lemurs, parrots. Trees from five continents, bamboos, magnolias, and many other large species. The park overlooks directly the Black Sea. During the creation of the park many trees of original size arrived by sea or land transport. This process itself was a huge logistical challenge. Walking through the park takes about 1-1.5 hours. It is a great place for a rest on the route.

Petra Castle

Petra Castle from the 6th century in the village of Kobuleti. It is located on a rocky hill overhanging the sea. Today its ruins have been saved. You will see here surprising architectural and technological solutions used at that time. Before the construction of the great fortress city by the Byzantines, a small Lazi fortress was located here. Because of its favorable location, the Lazi settlement was rebuilt in the 6th century by order of Byzantine Emperor Justinian in 535 by John Strategos. It was named "Justinian's City" in honor of this emperor. Petra Castle controlled the Black Sea, transportation and trade routes. Iran and Byzantium wanted to control it because their expansion in the area depended on their dominion over Petra. More than one big war was seen within the walls of Petra, including the war at Egris. Your English-speaking local guide will tell you these and many other stories. There are spectacular views of the sea from here. This is an ideal option for those who are interested in history, ancient cities or do not want to walk a lot. The tour takes about an hour.

Botanical Garden

Botanical Garden founded by botanist Andrei Nikolaevich Krasnov. In the 80s of the 19th century the first work on the garden began, and in 1912 it was officially opened. The garden is located in a picturesque pass with a rocky shoreline, from which beautiful views of the sea and beaches open up. We will see growing side by side fascinating plants from different climatic zones. Walking through the garden takes about 1-2 hours.

Rośliny w Parku Botanicznym w Batumi

View from the Batum Botanical Garden

Zdjęcie przedstawiające pomnik Ali i Nino w Batumi

Figure of Ali and Nino

Those who are willing will be taken to the fish market, where you will be able to choose fresh fish, which they will prepare for you in the restaurant right next door.

The main point of the tour will be a walk through the city center architecture, located on the Black Sea. You will see the wonderful old town with its atmospheric buildings with charming verandas, the Piazza. In the old town there is an intimate brewery where you will be able to taste the local beer. Right next door is the Turkish quarter where you will see a mosque and can taste traditional Turkish coffee or tea. Batumi is distinguished by its ubiquitous, diverse architecture, to suit all tastes. We will walk through the famous boulevard where the characteristic attractions of the city are located.

Some of the most recognisable places in the city include: Europe Square with its monument Medea, Tower of the Alphabet (a tall iron structure on which 33 letters of the Georgian alphabet are embossed), the Astronomical Clock located on the building and the famous statue of Ali and Nino. It represents the characters from the novel "Ali and Nino", written by an artist under the pseudonym Kurban Said. It tells about the eternal love of a young Azeri man who was a Muslim to a Georgian Christian princess and the understanding between these nations.



The boulevard lying along the rocky beach with its cafes, restaurants, attractions for children, modern sculptures and dancing fountains has become one of the most popular places in the city.

We will take a walk around the port. Those willing will be able to go on a cruise on the sea to see Batumi from a maritime perspective.

Lovers of good food will not return disappointed. Here you can enjoy the regional adjar khachapuri with egg. Return to Kutaisi is planned for the evening.

Widok na promenadę w Batumi



  • The tour starts at 8/9:00 am in Kutaisi
  • Return to Kutaisi around 9 p.m.
  • We recommend this tour especially in time after and before the summer season.
  • For accommodation in Kutaisi, we invite you to our family guesthouse -.  Kutaisi Hostel.


  • Groups of 4 or more - 50 euros per person

Price Includes:

  • Ride according to the program with a professional driver.
  • Fuel for the whole route.
  • Comfortable car.

Price not included:

  • Food and beverage
  • Tickets to attractions
    • Entrance to the Dendrological Park is free.
    • The entrance ticket to Petra Castle costs 5 GEL,
    • Botanical Garden ticket costs 15 GEL.

If you are interested in this tour call or email us and book your individual deadline!

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