Check in Svaneti - 3-day excursion to the High Caucasus

3-4 days

20 max

all year

Check in Svaneti!

A year-round trip to the mountainous region of Svaneti, the Vysakh Caucasus! We will take you on a jeep tour to the village of Ushguli, we will stop in Mestia, a town recognised for its by the World Tourism Organisation (UNWTO) for the Best tourist destination 2022″!

This is our iconic original programme that we have been running for many years. An amazing off road adventure awaits you. Svaneti is a fabulous place with a huge and fascinating history!


Zdjęcie przedstawiające widok na krowy w górach


Zdjęcie przedstawiające tamę Enguri

Tama Enguri

The tour starts from Kutaisi.  We will set off for the mountain town of Mestia in the Svaneti region! This is one of the most inaccessible regions in Georgia, having been isolated from the rest of the country for a long time. Svaneti lies among the highest peaks in the Caucasus. The road to our destination will take us about 6/7 hours. We will drive through the picturesque Megrelia region, known as Georgia's Tuscany. We'll see the Enguri Dam, which when it was put into use, was the second highest dam in the world! As a result of the construction of this dam, an artificial lake was created here, which impresses with its turquoise color. 


Mestia is located in the Svaneti region, which is inhabited by the Svan ethnic group. Svanetia was self-sufficient for a long time and developed independently from the rest of the country. The Svanetians developed their own traditions, customs and even language, which has many remnants from the ancient Georgian language. The first traces of human presence in the area date back to the Neolithic period. A characteristic architectural feature of Svaneti are the stone towers, which used to be used for defence against enemies, bloody family revenge, or from avalanches. The oldest of them date back to the Middle Ages. In Svaneti, one will find many references to mythology. The appearance of the myth of the golden fleece is linked to gold mining in the area.

Widok na wioskę Ushguli w Swanetii


Widok na wioskę Ushguli w Swanetii


We will go on an amazing jeep tour to the village of Ushguli. It is the highest village that is inhabited all year round, even in harsh winters! It is entirely under the protection of UNESCO. From here we will see the highest mountain in Georgia - Shkhara 5193m! We will visit the Lamaria monastery from the 11th century. We will walk along the winding streets between the defensive towers, which are up to 1000 years old. The towers were built to defend against enemies, avalanches and sometimes bloody family revenge.

After visiting Ushguli, we will return to Mestia. On the way we will stop at the Tower of Love and at the famous swings at Heshkili Huts.


We will go trekking to the head of the Chalaadi Glacier. After the trekking we will make our way back to Kutaisi, where there will be plenty of breaks for souvenir photos at viewpoints, waterfalls, bridges. 

On an additional 4 days in Svaneti, you can take a jeep tour and trek to the Koruldi Lakes.


Widok na lodowiec Chalaadi w Swanetii

Route to the Chalaadi Glacier


  • The tour is organized throughout the year.
  • The maximum number of persons is 20.
  • The tour starts and ends in the center of Kutaisi. We will pick up our guests from the hotel as well as from the airport. 
  • We can organise the tour in a 3 or 4-day version.
  • We speak Polish, English, German, Russian and of course Georgian.
  • As a perfect addition to a longer stay in Georgia we recommend our one-day trips.
  • It is advisable to bring comfortable shoes, a jacket or raincoat for the trip.
  • The start and end of the tour is in Kutaisi.
  • For accommodation in Kutaisi, we invite you to our family guesthouse -. Hostel Kutaisi

       Price Includes:

      • Guide/pilot supervision throughout the trip. 
      • Travel with a professional driver in off-road vehicles or our Kavzuka, Mercedes Sprinter minibus (type of car depends on the size of the group)
      • Fuel for the whole route.
      • Accommodation.
      • Half-board: breakfast and dinner.
      • Jeep tour to the village of Ushguli.

      Price not included:

      • Flight tickets.
      • Personal expenses.
      • Insurance. We encourage you to buy in Poland.

      You will experience local culture, folklore and have an unforgettable adventure in the mountains of the High Caucasus! Svaneti is a unique region that you must see at least once in your life.

      If you are interested in this expedition write to us and book your individualy tour dates!

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