4 days / 3 nights in the mountains

max 20

01/05 - 30/11

Upper Adjara

The program includes an amazing jeep tour through the picturesque wilderness of Upper Adjaria. We will take you to places far from mass tourism. Starting from asphalt roads, through gravel tracks, we will reach wild bumpy trails, interspersed with mountain streams, accessible only to a perfectly prepared off-road vehicle.

These trails will lead us to ethnographic pastoral villages and to a walking trail leading to the castle of Khikhani Castle. We have been professionally organizing expeditions, including off-road trips, for 15 years now. We know these routes very well. We have tested them many times.  

We will show you the magic of Upper Adjaria we will show you from the side of stunning nature, but also through its folklore, ethnography, unique architecture and unique cuisine.

You will taste dishes that you won't eat anywhere else -. kaimaghi, malakhi, jakhni, or sinori. You will be able to prepare them together with our hosts. These wonderful people who live in these borderlands will open their hearts and the doors of their homes to us.

Zdjęcie przedstawiające ludzi podczas wędrówki

On the trail to the Black Lake

Widok na dolinę w drodze do Górnej Adjari

View of the Adjar Valley

Upper Adjara is characterized by:

  • Pristine nature, unique flora, which you won't find in any other region of Georgia. Wild, not yet fully explored mountains, characteristic red rocks, waterfalls hidden in the middle of the forest and turquoise lakes with crystal clear water.

  • Ogrom historii, legends written in the ruins of Khikhani Castle from the 12th century, which was later turned into a prison. It was built near the Georgian-Turkish border at an altitude of 2300 m. It is located in a strategic place remembering many battles and wars. There is a beautiful trekking route leading to it, with amazing views of Adjar and Turkish mountains. You can only go there with a special permission from the border services and our friends are helping us to organize it.

  • Beautiful ethnographic villages with characteristic wooden cottages They are about 100, and some even 200 years old. Built in such a way that there are stables at the bottom and a living area at the top. During the tour we will have the opportunity to sleep in these climatic cottages. A solution to keep the inhabitants of the house warm. High mountain shepherd villages at an altitude of 2000 meters above sea level near the border with Turkey, where a mosque and a monastery stand next to each other.

  • A people incredibly attached to tradition.. Loving their region and taking care of it every step of the way, their self-sufficient lifestyle. The combination and tolerance of the religions of Christianity and Islam. Their unique culture and adjar folklore. A real lesson of hard work, tolerance, respect for others and nature.


  • We welcome groups of 4 to 20 people. 
  • The short version of the tour lasts four days, and we organise it from May to the end of November.
  • Due to the nature of the route, we only carry out the programme in off-road vehicles. In a Mitsubishi Delica car, we take a maximum of 5 people for the comfort of our guests. In an off-road passenger vehicle, up to 4 people. Larger groups of up to 15 people can be accommodated in our legendary off-road retro bus #Kavzuka or in several jeeps.
  •  You will ride with our reliable drivers who know the area very well - Kote, Lasha, Rezo and Ika.
  • We speak Polish, English, German, Russian and of course Georgian.
  • As a perfect addition to a longer stay in Georgia we recommend our tours one-day.
  •  The longer version is the 'Adjar Loop' through the Zekari Pass and Goderdzi. It lasts 7 days. We organise it only during the summer season (July - September).

The price depends on the number of people in the group and individual arrangements.


For consultation, please first telephone us on +995 593 54 85 07, +48 505 236 650
(preferably via Whatsapp)

More snapshots from our expeditions: