8 days / 7 nights

16 max


 Enjoy an adventure in the mountains of the Greater and Lesser Caucasus in western Georgia. We will draw an eight on the map! We will overcome 3 passes open only in summer! Each day will be a unique event with a different landscape. We will not be afraid of off-road dust and dust. With us, you will get to know the authentic Georgia, its people, their stories and life. Georgian cuisine is very diverse, and we will make sure that you taste the following in each region local dishes!

Together with our friends, we will become your hosts. You will be hosted from the heart everywhere, you will live in family guesthouses, traditional ethnographic houses. You will experience a real adventure in the Caucasus mountains! The three main directions of our route are Svaneti, UPPER ADJARA, ZEKARI. 

Zdjęcie przedstawiające uczestników wyprawy Pętla Swanecka na tle Jeziora Koruldi

Jeep tour to Svaneti

Widok na wioskę Ushguli w Swanetii

Ushguli village


We will take you to the Svaneti region, to the High Caucasus! You will see Georgia's highest peak, the Shkhara 5193 m. Visit the highest village in Europe, which is inhabited all year round. We are talking about the village of Ushguli located at 2100 m. The symbol of Svaneti are the defensive stone towers, which used to be used to defend against enemies, bloody family revenge or avalanches. The oldest of them date back to the Middle Ages! Svaneti is a land of green glades transitioning into high, perpetually snow-capped mountains. We will reach Svaneti by a scenic route through Tsageri, Lentekhi and the Pass
Zagaro (2800m!). On site we will go for pleasant trekking
and jeep tours! It's going to be an adventure!


We will take you to places where there is no mass tourism! We will go to the beautiful mountains near the Turkish border!

We will stay in a mountain village in the guesthouse of our friends. The guesthouse will take care of your palate by preparing delicious Adjar cuisine such as kaimaghi, malakhi, jakhni or sinori and the best Turkish coffee for each day.


We will take you on a pleasant trek to high mountain pastoral ethnographic villages full of wooden houses, mosques 100-200 years old.

We will reach a lake located only 500 m from the Turkish border, at an altitude of 2200 m, and for the more demanding, a trek awaits - to the ruins of a castle from the 10th / 11th century, located at an altitude of 2220 m!

Subalpine glades, cosmic mountain views, here one feels like being in a fairy tale.

On the way to Upper Adjaria we will visit roadside waterfalls, medieval stone bridges and the seaside city of Batumi!



Widok na góry z ruin zamku Khikhani
Zdjęcie przedstawiające grupę turystów przed guesthouse z naszymi gospodarzami

Upper Adjara

Zdjęcie przedstawiające jeep tour w wysokich górach

Sunset on Zekari Window


Through the picturesque Goderdzi Pass, passing the Zekari Pass we will reach the climax of our trip. We will stop at our small mountain hut #ZekariWindow. We will prepare a picnic at it. The hut is located at an altitude of 2200 m at the foot of Mount Didmaghali (2588 m), by the Kvasakdra rocks. We will be surrounded by green subalpine glades. All you will hear here is the sound of cowbells and, if you are lucky, the clatter of a galloping herd of free-ranging horses. These are the mountains of the Imereti region and are called "Imereti Tushetia" or "the door to heaven". While enjoying a picnic we will admire, in our opinion, one of the most beautiful sunsets in Georgia. 



  • Groups of 4 to 15 people are welcome. 
  • This is a very intensive programme, a real jeep tour. There will be a lot of driving and adventures, to enjoy this trip it can't be scary for you 😉.
  • The programme includes 2 treks of low difficulty.
  • We sleep in proven guesthouse, mountain, wooden houses. Rooms for 2,3 persons with private or shared bathrooms. 
  • If you are vegetarian or have other dietary restrictions we should be aware of - let me know beforehand. That way, meals will be our pleasure together.
  • We carry out the programme in Mitsubishi Delica off-road vehicles. We share 4-7 people in each car. Larger groups, up to 15 people, we can take our retro bus #Kavzuka.
  • We speak Polish, English, German, Russian and, of course, Georgian.


 The price depends on the number of people in the group and individual arrangements.


For consultation, please first telephone us on +995 593 54 85 07, +48 505 236 650
(preferably via Whatsapp)

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