3-4 days / 3-4 nights

20 max

01/07 - 15/10

Svanetii Loop

That is, our iconic original programme that we have been running for 12 years. An amazing off road adventure awaits you!

We will be crossing mountain streams, gravel roads surrounded by mountain rivers, valleys, waterfalls and rocky slopes. During such a trip we all have to be prepared to work together, we will create one team and together we will meet the challenges that the road will prepare for us! And all this in a wonderful, friendly atmosphere and with professional care.

Depending on the size of the group, we will drive our high quality off-road vehicles or the legendary retro bus #Kavzuka! 

Zdjęcie przedstawiające bus Kavzuka podczas wyprawy Pętla Swanecka Gruzja

Swaneck Loop expedition with Kavzuka bus service

Widok na góry Kaukaz w Swanetii

Zagaro Pass

We begin and end the loop from the center of Kutaisi, a city nearly 4000 years old! We will pass through the picturesque Lechkhumi region, Lower and Upper Svaneti, on the border of which lies Zagaro Pass (2700 m). On the gravel road we will reach the highest village in Europe, inhabited all year round - Ushguli (2220 m). This villageis situated high at the foot of Caucasian peaks, including the highest peak of Georgia - Shkhara (5193 m). On the way to Mestia we will stop in Ski Resort Tetnuldi. This resort is surrounded by four five-thousanders overlooking Elbrus. This is where we set a record with our retro bus #Kavzuka. We drove it to the height of 3173 m above sea level! Report from this trip can be seen here

Here you will see old stone towers (Koshki), which in the past served the Swans as fortresses and homes at the same time. These towers are even 1000 years old. We will visit  the Mestia Museum, where we will learn about the culture and traditions of the Swans, who have developed their own unique language and a number of traditions. Starting from their distinctive names to their dress, singing and cuisine. We will tell you stories of medieval fortified towers and take a look inside one of them. You will also hear stories about brave citizens of Svaneti. The region that no one managed to capture during the ancient battles. You will learn how people used to live here. You will taste the regional cuisine. You will get to know the taste of real Svanetian 'kubdari' that is khachapuri with meat and Svanetian spices. 

Widok na wioskę Ushguli w Swanetii

Ushguli, Lamaria monastery

Zdjęcie przedstawiające grupę uczestników wyprawy Pętla Swanecka i bus Kavzuka

Swaneck Loop expedition with Kavzuka bus service

We will also have a majestic view of the Caucasian mountains from the iconic swings at the resort Heshkili Huts resort. We will go on a trek to the Chalaadi Glacier. We will go up to the very top of it!

The way back from Mestia is another dose of impressions and emotions. We will drive along the Enguri River, which has created unusually high canyons here. We will see the Enguri Dam, which when it was put into use, was the second highest dam in the world! As a result of the construction of this dam, an artificial lake was created here, which impresses with its turquoise color. 

In Mestia, we will stay in a hotel or guesthouse. In Kutaisi, we will sleep in a at Hostel Kutaisi by Kote, which is located in the oldest district of Kutaisi - Gora. From the terrace there is a view over the city of Kutaisi, over which Bagrati Cathedral towers..


  • The tour is organised from 01.07 to 15.10.2022. The route is typically seasonal and requires weather conditions to ride.
  • We start and end the tour in the centre of Kutaisi. We will pick up our guests from the hotel or the airport. 
  • We'll drive:
    -All-terrain vehicle - 4 to 6 people in the car.
    by bus
    #Kavzuka, in our iconic retro minibus for up to 15 people.
  • We speak Polish, English, German, Russian and of course Georgian.
  • There is a possibility of extending the trip and additional attractions, by individual arrangement. We propose: 
    • Trekking of varying difficulty levels,
    • Possibility to climb Tetnuldi and other peaks with a local guide,
    • Paragliding flights,
    • Horse riding tours,
    • Culinary Workshops.
    • Swan folklore.

    The price depends on the number of people in the group and individual arrangements.

    For consultation, please first telephone us on +995 593 54 85 07, +48 505 236 650
    (preferably via Whatsapp)

    More snapshots from our expeditions: