1-day excursion Prometheus programme - Prometheus cave, Khvamli mountain, trout house

  • Take-off from Kutaisi at 9.00 a.m.
  • Prometheus Cave
  • Mount Khvamli
  • Trout Valley, piknik
  • Back to Kutaisi

Join us for a unique and customised day trip from Kutaisi to the Lechkhumi region! We will take you on the trail in the footsteps of the mythological Prometheus, or Amiran in Georgian. We will show you well-known and lesser-known places in Georgia! We will start from one of the most beautiful caves - the Prometheus Cave, and going further we will reach the Khvamli Mountain at the height of 2002 m. Few people know that it is here, and not on Kazbek according to mythology, that Prometheus was imprisoned!


Zdjęcie przedstawiające rycinę mitologii o Prometeuszu


Zdjęcie przedstawiające Górę Khvamli

Prometheus Cave

We will drive through micro-zones of the most expensive wine in Georgia "USAKHELOURI", which grows only here! By off road we will reach the Trout Valley, in the Askhi mountains, where a picnic with grilled fish will be waiting for you.

An hour's drive from Kutaisi will take you to one of the largest and most beautiful caves in Georgia - Prometheus Cave. It was discovered and explored in the 80 years of the 20th century. It is a karst cave that is 11 km long of which 1060 m are open to tourists. It takes about 1 hour to walk through the cave. Inside, you will see impressive and powerful caves, passages, stalactites, stalagmites and stalagnates.

The second destination of the tour will be the mythological mountain Khvamli 2002 m, which, if the visibility is good, can be seen from the very centre of Kutaisi! There are many legends associated with this place. It was on Khvamli, and not on Kazbek according to mythology, that Prometheus was chained by order of Zeus, and who was later freed by Heracles. Mount Khvamli, like the Rioni river flowing through Kutaisi, is linked to the myth of the Argonauts and the Golden Fleece. According to legends, a royal treasure was hidden on Khvamli in ancient times. There are many caves in the mountain, some of which are buried and still unexplored.

At the very top of Mount Khvamli is the Chapel of Saint George, where the festival of Khvamloba is celebrated every 40th day after Easter.

Zdjęcie przedstawiające Górę Khvamli

St George's Chapel

Zdjęcie przedstawiające gwiazdozbiór

Views from Mount Khvamli

Part of the route to the summit will be covered by car, and the last section (about 10 minutes) will be covered on foot. From Khvamli, beautiful landscapes from the Black Sea to the High Caucasus open up!

Khvamli has been the site of numerous studies. In the nineteenth century, Khvamli was visited by the Italian traveller and explorer Daniela Pisagalli, who searched for places with which the Argonauts and Prometheus were associated, based on ancient Greek sources. During one expedition to Mount Khvamli, pictograms with images of the zodiac signs were discovered on the cave walls. Scientists reconstructed the image of the stars in the sky according to the arrangement found on the wall. The resulting year coincides with the last Flood that took place on Earth.

After the expedition to Mount Khvamli, we will take you to the picturesque valley of the Askhi mountains! It is here at the Green Lake that the trout farm is picturesquely located. A trip in Georgia cannot end without culinary highlights! We will prepare a Georgian-style picnic with fresh trout, homemade wine and regional dishes.
In the evening we will return to Kutaisi.

This is a great trip for those who want to learn about Georgia's mythological history, go on jeep tours and treks, spend time in nature with amazing mountain views and get a taste of the regional cuisine!


Widok na winnice w regionie Racha

In the trout house


  • We welcome groups of 4 to 20 people. 
  • As a perfect addition to a longer stay in Georgia we recommend our one-day trips.
  • It is advisable to bring comfortable shoes, a jacket or raincoat for the trip.
  • The start and end of the tour is in Kutaisi.
  • This is our original tour, which is always carried out by a guide.
  • For accommodation in Kutaisi, we invite you to our family guesthouse -. Hostel Kutaisi

Cost of the expedition 60 euros per person

Price Includes:

  • Supervised by a Polish-speaking guide.
  • The service of a professional driver in a comfortable car.
  • Fuel for the whole route.

Price not included:

  • Personal expenses.
  • Picnic 50 lari per person
  • Entrance ticket to the cave - 23 gel

If you are interested in this tour write to us and book your an individual expedition!

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