Jeep tour plus rafting in the Rioni river valley

  • Take-off from Kutaisi at 9:00 a.m.
  • Jeep tour
  • Rafting on the Rioni River
  • Picnic
  • Back to Kutaisi
    We invite you to go space rafting on the Rioni river! It is one of the best rivers for rafting in Europe! The rafting routes are about 20 km long and are in 2-4 difficulty categories. We have 2 routes for you to choose from, one that requires no rafting experience and one that is more extreme! Fabulous views of the lechkhum mountains, waterfalls and small villages that are micro-zones of Tvishi wine await you.
Zdjęcie przedstawiające ludzi podczas raftingu na rzece

Preparations for rafting

Widok na góry

Swimming pool in the village of Lailashi

We will start the rafting at noon and before that we will take you off road! We will drive along the picturesque Rioni River valley, the rocky river valley and the Lajanura Dam. We will drive to the village of Lailashi, located higher up in the mountains. It is a unique place on the map of Georgia! It used to be the centre of the Lechkhumi region. We describe this route as the second loop of the Silk Road. We will tell you this and many other interesting stories on the spot! The village has an Orthodox church, the ruins of an Armenian church and a synagogue. One of the most valuable manuscripts of the Torah, whose journey to Georgia is as mysterious as its authors, was found here.

We will also visit the most recognisable spot in Lailashi village, the open pools on the hillside with fabulous views!

After your trip to Lailashi, we will take you to a rafting launch site organised by a certified English-speaking team. The instructors will train you in the applicable rules. You will change into special outfits (wetsuits, helmets, waistcoats, water shoes). You will sail with an instructor in a 6-person dinghy. An incredible sporting adventure and wonderful landscapes await you! This is where reality and mythology intertwine, because the Argonauts sailed the Rioni River to find the Golden Fleece! We will pick you up from the end of the rafting trip, where you will have time for a picnic (you can bring food with you or book a Georgian picnic with us with salads, cheeses, campfire skewers and natural wine).

Zdjęcie przedstawiające ludzi podczas raftingu na rzece


Zdjęcie przedstawiające ludzi podczas raftingu na rzece


There are 2 routes to choose from for rafting:
1. The first section - from the rafting base Khvishari - Lakhepa section. Route approximately 20 km. Difficulty easy - medium. Category 2-3; takes about 2.5 hours.
No rafting experience is required on this route. Children from the age of 14 can take part in the first rafting section (in summer when the water level is lower from the age of 8) and only when accompanied by their parents.

Price 120 lari per person, with a minimum group size of 4 persons.

 2. The second episode "Tvishi Valley" This could be a fantastic follow-up to the first section. This is an ideal route for those looking for a more extreme adventure! Approximately 20 km. Medium difficulty. Category 3-4 and takes around 2.5 hours.
Good swimming skills and rafting experience are required for this route. Children over the age of 14 can take part, but only under parental supervision.

There is the possibility of a more difficult route, this will be agreed with you individually.

Price 180 lari per person, with a minimum group size of 4 persons.

Zdjęcie przedstawiające ludzi na rzece podczas raftingu w Gruzji


zdjęcie z butalkami wina

Visit to a vineyard

The tour can be expanded to include:

- A visit to an intimate winery in the village of Tvishi, where you will be able to purchase natural Tvishi wine at its point of origin directly from the winemaker. A bottle of bio Tvishi costs around 40 lari on site.

- Further jeep tour with a visit to the Ghvirishi waterfall on the way (50 lari per person) and a picnic that we can prepare for you with grilled skewers. You can also take provisions with you and eat along the route.


  • We welcome groups 2 to 20 people.
  • Important: please state your height and shoe size when booking
  • We speak Polish, English, German, Russian and of course Georgian.
  • It is a good idea to take with you: towel, flip-flops, change clothes, suitable swimwear, thermal clothing (depending on the season and weather), UV filter cream, waterproof bag for personal belongings.
  • If you are vegetarian or have other dietary restrictions we should be aware of - let me know beforehand. That way, meals will be our pleasure together.
  • Groups of 7 or more will travel on our retro bus #Kavzuka!
  • For accommodation in Kutaisi, we invite you to our family guesthouse -.  Kutaisi Hostel.

Cost of the expedition 60 euros per person

Price Includes:

  • Jeep tour.
  • Guide care.
  • The service of a professional driver in a comfortable car.
  • Fuel for the whole route.
    *Prices are quoted for a group of at least 4 people. For smaller groups of 1-3 people, we set the price individually.

Cost of rafting:

  • 1 section 120 gel per person
  • 2 section 180 gel per person
    *Prices are quoted for a group of at least 4 people.
  • For smaller groups of 1-3 people, the pontoon costs 400 gel.

  • Picnic 50 gel per person

If you are interested in this tour write to us and book your an individual expedition!

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