With us you can discover all of Georgia! We offer organisation:

Our original expeditions -

Off the main trail. These are real expeditions, jeep tours, active trips, culinary adventures. On our website you will find proposals for our own expeditions, their description, characteristics, basic information, photos. We discuss the details of the trip with you individually. You will not find rigid plans here!

Zdjęcie przedstawiające ludzi w górach
Zdjęcie przedstawiające dwie osoby podczas pracy

- Road trips in Georgia -

This is a great idea for a first trip to Georgia!

 - 1-day and multi-day trips -

 We will show you amazing places in and near Kutaisi! If you've heard that there's nothing to do in Kutaisi, we'll be very happy to show you how wrong this statement is 😉 .

Przewodnik Kote podczas wyznaczania szlaku w górach i z koniem
Zdjęcie przedstawiające przewodnika Kote z grupą turystów w Tbilisi

- Winter trips -

In winter, Georgia does not fall asleep! Year after year, the skiing infrastructure is expanding and at a great level. In 2023, Georgia will host the World Championships in Freestyle Skiing and Snowboarding! We invite you to enjoy the winter madness in fabulous Svaneti!

- Car rental -

You can rent a car from us with or without a driver, for a self-drive journey. In our fleet we have cars, off-road cars, minivans, vans, coaches with professional drivers.

Zdjęcie przedstawiająca samochód retro bus Kavzuka i samochód Wołga
Zdjęcie przedstawiające uczestników wyprawy Pętla Swanecka na tle Jeziora Koruldi

 - Incentive trips -

- We would love to organise a special and unique stay in Georgia for your employees, which will result in a great atmosphere and new energy in your team!

With us you can also:

  • Organise a special event, an event for small or large groups. Nothing is impossible for us. Organising runs, outdoor events, stag parties, hen parties, birthdays, surprise trips!
  • Embark on a one-of-a-kind excursion in our retro buses #Kavzuka and Black Volga
  • Organise individual expeditions to Tusheti, Javakheti, Vashlowani Park and every nook and cranny in Georgia. We organise trekking, horse riding and cycling expeditions individually, arranging the details with you.

Why is it worth it with us? Click on the picture and find out!


Without intermediaries

Toursbykote is made up of Georgians, we host you in our country without intermediaries. We provide everything from the so-called "first hand". We know Georgia very well, its history, culture. We grew up and live here. Georgia is our home, to which we would like to invite you.


We speak Polish, English and German. This allows us to provide you with full support throughout your trip, from planning, through the course of the trip, to minor problems or questions that may arise during your stay in Georgia.


We have 15 years of experience in tourism, in organising tours in Georgia, which gives us a great deal of knowledge and confidence in providing the highest quality service.

Individual approach

We take an individual approach to organising each trip. We take into account your tastes, budget and time. We carefully analyse your preferences to provide you with the best travel solutions. We provide flexibility in the choice of dates, itineraries, tourist attractions and accommodation to create personalised and tailor-made expeditions.

Guarantee of safety

In the event of any technical problems, we guarantee that the car will be repaired or replaced as quickly as possible en route and that the journey will continue.

Low impact approach

We approach tourism as low impact, that is, we leave as little trace of us as possible in the nature we visit and admire.


When we create expeditions for you, we work with local people so that tourism brings them good things. We support them by fairly rewarding their work.


In addition to showing you the rich nature, amazing views our aim is to take you deep into the beautiful Georgian culture and hospitality.