ZEKARI horses - intimate horseback riding tours

in the Imereti mountains in the middle of the Lesser and Greater Caucasus
NUMBER of days: 4

days in the saddle: 3

accommodations: 3 on Zekari

term: 1.07 to 30.09

NUMBER of people: 4 max

NUMBER of days: 4 | days in the saddle: 3
ACCOMMODATION: 3 on zekari
Term: 1.07 to 30.09 | NUMBER of persons: 4 max

Zekari Horses - intimate horse tours

Zekari Horses

Intimate horse trips

The subject of horses on Pass is particularly close to us. By organising tours here, we support the local horses and want to provide them with the necessary vaccinations, care and a secure future so that they can continue to gallop carefree in the Zekari.

Zekari Pass is an extraordinary place for us. We have met many unusual places here, tested many trails, which we want to show you from the most beautiful possible perspective, that is końskiego grzbietu.

We organize horseback tours with our friendly shepherds, it is with them that we have tested and mapped out horseback trails. We will be riding wonderful, calm and composed horses, raised in the vast expanses of Zekari. Due to the nature of the trail, advanced riders are welcome.

Zdjęcie przedstawiające konie w wysokich górach

Zekari Horses

Widok na przełęcz Zekari

View from the base #ZekariWindow

Zekari Pass is located on the border of two regions, Imeretii and Samcche-Djavakheti. It is dominated by a mountain Didmaghali peak reaching as high as 2,580 m. Characteristic subalpine meadows that create vast spaces, ideal for galloping. This place has its own amazing climate. Zekari is called "Imeretin's door to heaven". These areas are so beautiful that they have also been called Imeretin Tushetia for generations. However, they are much less known!

During our horseback riding trip we offer accommodation in a unique place that we created together with local shepherds. We are talking about our tourist base #ZekariWindow! Our cottage, tents and technical facilities with sanitary and catering part are waiting for you! On site our cook will prepare delicious, fresh meals for you. ZekariWindow is located in Kvasakdari villages, at 2,200 m above sea level. 

Here you will rest from the Internet and your phone, which will be useful only to capture beautiful moments in photos. We will feast by the campfire, Georgian dishes, aromatic wine and cognac under the starry sky! From this place we will see the wonderful sunset and sunrise, And sometimes mountains and valleys under a quilt of clouds!

The first destination of the expedition will be Zegani Shepherd's Villageto which we will drive through scenic areas, vast meadows and hidden valleys. Along the way, we will visit three shepherd families who live here during the summer season. We will also reach the highest village in the Imeretia region - Ivlita. It is reached by one of the oldest roads in Georgia, which belonged in part to the Silk Road. Through this area crossed Alexander of Macedon, the Roman Pompey's legion, the Osmans, the Persians, and the Mongols. We will pass through a unique The Valley of the Caucasian EaglesThe hotel offers a beautiful panoramic view of the Samcche-Djavakheti region.

You will learn about local folklore, traditions, cuisine and unique cheeses (imeretinsky, sulguni) made by the shepherds who live on Zekari. You will also enjoy fresh kefir, cottage cheese, and still warm milk served straight from the cow at breakfast.  Every year during the summer season, according to a tradition passed down from generation to generation, shepherds graze their herds of cows here. The unique climate, altitude, air quality, and subalpine meadows contribute to the incredible taste of these cheeses.

Horses, exceptional nature, vast spaces, peace and quiet. An ideal place to rest from the busy world. There will be gallops in fabulous scenery, common feasts by the fire, Georgian cuisine and regional aromatic wines. 


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Zekari Horses


  • We organise intimate horseback riding tours for up to 4 people
  • We organize trips from the beginning of July till the end of September.
  • The tour lasts 4 days and we will spend up to 3 of them in the saddle.
  • On average, we will cover 30 km per day. 
  • The tour starts and ends in the center of Kutaisi.
  • Rider weight limit: 90 kg
  • Skills: free movement in the field at trot, canter and gallop.
  • Riding helmets and mackintoshes are provided on site.
  • We speak Polish, English, German, Russian and of course Georgian.
  • In order to keep the privacy and magic of Zekari place one group per one term.
  • The tour is realized only after previous reservation.
  • As a perfect addition to a longer stay in Georgia we recommend our one-day trips.

    Price Includes:

    • Transfer from Kutaisi to Zekari and back.
    • The care of a Polish-speaking guide, a pilot and our team.
    • Supervised by a local guide.
    • The horse including all necessary equipment.
    • Full service of our base camp. Preparation of the hut, tents, meals, feast, campfire, supply of drinking water, hot water for showers, etc.
    • Accommodation (three nights in the mountains, one in Kutaisi in Hostel Kutaisi by Kote).
    • Full board (breakfast, lunch, dinner, campfire, feasts, cheese, wine, chicha and cognac tasting).

    Price not included:

    • Flight tickets.
    • Personal expenses.
    • Insurance, we encourage you to take out a package covering sport (horse riding) in Poland.

    If you are interested in this tour write to us and book your individual expedition!

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